The Wedding Tower Promotion Society

“Have reverence for the past and freshly dare the new.” According to this motto, the Wedding Tower Promotion Society wants to continue the tradition of the Darmstadt citizens who built the tower to commemorate the Grand Duke’s wedding.

In 1982, the Wedding Tower Promotion Society was established as a registered foundation with the objective of ensuring the conservation and revitalization of the Darmstadt landmark and European monument. With the support of the city of Darmstadt and through donations and proceeds from numerous activities, a great number of measures have been financed since then in order to restore the tower back to its exceptional attraction. In a licence agreement with the city of Darmstadt the management of the tower was handed over to the non-profit association. 

Since 1986, the Promotion Society’s own staff has been managing the rooms open to the public including the passenger lift. They sell typical souvenirs and provide the opportunity to use the wedding room on the 5th floor for civil wedding ceremonies. The Wedding Tower records 40,000 to 50,000 visitors per year.

In 1989, the Promotion Society was awarded the Konrad Adenauer Foundation’s silver medal for their exemplary work. In the year 1999, for example, the Promotion Society bore the costs for the restoration of the mechanical tower clock on the north side. Further tasks of the Promotion Society include the preservation and maintenance of the plane tree grove and the renovation of the exterior facade.