Important information on your civil wedding in the Wedding Tower on Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt

Public transport and parking options

You can reach the Wedding Tower by bus line F, stop “Mathildenhöhe”. From the bus stop it is only a short way to the Wedding Tower.

For the time of your wedding ceremony a parking space will be provided in Olbrichweg opposite FH Darmstadt in the area marked by the sign “Halteverbot – Traufahrzeuge frei” (no-parking zone – wedding cars exempted). The Darmstadt registry office will issue a parking certificate which entitles you to a parking space for not more than 95 minutes and has to be fixed to the windscreen of your car from inside. Please note that there will be no substitute in case of loss. Parking in this area without a valid parking certificate is an offence. As the parking situation in the surroundings of the Wedding Tower is very tense, we explicitly ask you to tell your guests that there are parking possibilities in the neighbouring parking garages (parking garage “Stiftstraße”, Stiftstraße 23-29 or parking garage „REWE“, Dieburger Str. 24). 

On the day of the wedding

Reception by the “Wedding Butler”

On your arrival at the Wedding Tower you will be welcomed by the wedding butler. Please, make sure that you and your wedding party arrive 15 minutes before the wedding ceremony is supposed to start. If you come late, it may happen that the ceremony is postponed or cannot take place.

In case you wish a bridal cup ceremony, you will find further information here. The bridal cup ceremony is free of charge for you. For more information, please, contact the Wedding Tower Promotion Society by e-mail. Please, quote your address, your phone number and the wedding date in your e-mail. We will get in touch with you. If you do not have the possibility to send an e-mail, you can call the Wedding Tower Promotion Society during the opening hours of the gift shop, phone:  06151 701 90 87. 

You and your guests have free access to the Wedding Tower. From the foyer all 7 floors of the tower can be reached via a passenger lift. As the foyer can be accessed only via stairs, prams have to be carried up to the lift. Lavatories are situated on floor 6, the viewing platform on floor 7.

Access for persons in wheel chairs

Up to the foyer the Wedding Tower is not barrier-free. We are working on the improvement of this situation.

Instructions to be observed before, during and after your wedding ceremony

The size of the wedding party (bridal couple, marriage witnesses, guests) is restricted to not more than 11 persons for reasons of space and safety. Please, strictly observe this rule in your own interest.

About 10 minutes before the agreed wedding time the wedding butler will ask you, your witnesses and all guests to gather in the “Prince’s Room” on floor 4. There you will be received by an employee of the registry office. She will lead you and your guests to the “Wedding Room” on floor 5, where the wedding ceremony will take place.

Please, bring the following documents:

  • written confirmation of the wedding date
  • identity cards of the bridal couple
  • identity cards of the witnesses (if available)
  • rings, if desired

An exchange of rings as well as music or singing at the beginning or the end of the wedding ceremony are possible. In the wedding room a Bluetooth-Audio-Box is available.

Please, inform the registry office on your special wishes for the wedding ceremony at least two weeks before the wedding date and remind the officer once again during the registration (floor 4).

It is basically possible to take photos for private use. Recordings of films and videos have to be individually agreed upon with the registrar. It is strictly forbidden to publish the recordings on social networks (Facebook, YouTube et al.) The registry office does not make any contractual arrangements with photographers or photo studios.

Smoking is not allowed in the Wedding Tower. Mobile phones have to be switched off before you enter the wedding room. In principle, pets do not have access to the Wedding Tower.

We urgently ask you to show respect for the preceding and following wedding parties. Noise and loud conversations in the staircase must be absolutely avoided, as this kind of background noise is felt to be very disturbing during the wedding ceremony. You and your guests are kindly requested to leave the place without blowing the car horns.

Throwing rice, confetti etc. is not allowed inside the Wedding Tower and on the whole area around the tower to avoid danger of slipping or injuries. You are welcome, however, to scatter flowers or petals on the square in front of the Wedding Tower. It is strictly prohibited to leave any kind of waste behind. You will be liable for this and will be charged any occurring cleaning costs.

Directly after the wedding ceremony a champagne reception can be held either on the viewing platform (floor 7) for not more than 30 minutes or outside in the Mathildenhöhe area. It is not allowed to make or play music on the viewing platform. We will exercise our domiciliary right, if necessary.

Please, note that Mathildenhöhe and the artists’ colony are candidates for acknowledgement as an UNESCO World Heritage. Therefore, various building activities are planned in this area which are expected to last until autumn 2020. 

As of May 2019