Wedding Butler

At every ceremony in the Wedding Tower, the wedding butler – dressed for the occasion in tails and top hat – ensures the smooth running of the wedding ceremony. He welcomes the couple, gives a brief run-through of the ceremony and ensures the bridal party arrive in the Wedding Room on schedule.

Should you wish for a bridal cup ceremony, give the butler your previously acquired bridal cup before the ceremony and discuss with him where the guests will gather after the ceremony.  He will await you there.  In the presence of your guests he will narrate the legend of the bridal cup and hand the newlyweds the filled bridal cup, so they can drink from it simultaneously in harmonious accord without spilling a single drop. The applause of the wedding guests crowns their success.  After having passed their first test as newlyweds, the butler concludes the ceremony with the presentation of the cup and a few words about the symbolism of this traditional wedding custom.