Bridal Cup Ceremony

The bridal cup, also called wedding cup, is a drinking vessel from which the bride and groom can drink – with skill – simultaneously. Bridal cups are a traditional German wedding gift for young couples to showcase the ability to cope with difficult situations together, in an original way.

According to legend, the bridal cup was invented by a goldsmith who was tasked the seemingly impossible by the bride's father to forge a cup two people can drink from simultaneously. Only if he succeeded could the goldsmith marry his bride.

Bridal cups date back to the 1600s. The cups consist of two ornate chalices interconnected by a hinge. The skirt of a young lady forms the mug, the second, usually smaller cup is held by the figure above the head.

Most bridal cups are made of tin or silver, but we also have cups made of crystal glass, ceramics and other materials available in the Shop.

If you wish to have a bridal cup ceremony, on the day of your wedding give the butler your previously acquired bridal cup and discuss with him where the guests will gather after the ceremony.