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Impressions of the 2nd Reading with Katja Behrens

Ghosts who live in stones
The Oberfeld has its secrets: Not everyone can see her, fat Trin, who, since her death during the Thirty Years’ War, lives in a stone on the Oberfeld, and the wildly cackling witches, who fly races against the satellites. But everyone can hear them!

On Thursday, 10 March 2016, Tower Writer Katja Behrens read from her book “Novel of a field” in the Room of the Grand Duke in the Wedding Tower.

The event is, just as the first one, so popular, that many listeners could not find a place to sit in the Grand Ducal room, and hat to listen to the author through speakers in the Wedding Room.

Following the reading, numerous members of the audience had the opportunity to purchase the newly printed novel and have Mrs Behrens sign their copy, as a unique memento of the event.

Report in the Darmstädter Echo 12 March 2016

Photography: Gregor Pfitzer, Darmstadt